Saturday, March 1, 2008

La Cloche round 2 and Julia Child's steam generator


-Flour -- (Ran out of Montana High gluten - used General Mills baker's flour with unspecified amount fungal amylase @ 19 deg C) 1000 g
-Water 41 deg C [hottest I could get] 580 g -- messed this up a bit today -- dough was too dry after fermenting; seams wouldn't hold together. Gotta be brave enough to get sloppy with the doughs.
-Saf instant yeast added directly to flour 7 g [part 1 of trying to slow down the fermentation]
-Salt 15 g


Mixed 12 minutes on speed 2 in 20 quart hobart. Kneaded and shaped on bench 1 minute.

Fermented 120 minutes @ 25 deg C this was better than the last time; but still the doughs tripled -- should've been punched at 75 min. Did not run out of lift in the oven this time.

Divided into 2 largish dough pieces ~750 g each.
Moulded vigorously into round [I want bread i can spread stuff on -- so small holes]].
Rested 5 min.
Molded into a round and placed, seam up, in oiled and wheat-bran lined rattan proofing baskets.
Covered with damp towel and proofed 60 min @ 25 deg C and in a cabinet controlled to 85% RH.

Turned dough pieces out onto sole of preheated [450 deg F; 228 deg C] La Cloche stoneware domed clay baker. Two other dough pieces were left in the oven; no clay dome, but with Julia's steam generator a heavy cast iron griddle plate in the bottom of the oven - preheated - and onto which I poured boiling water just before loading the loaves. This is shot of the 1st generation steam generator, I actually used a bigger griddle so there was more surface area for evaporation.

Baked @ 450 deg F; 228 deg C for a total of 30 min and 4o0 deg F; 200 deg C for 10 min for a total of 40 min. For the la cloache bread 30 with lid on, 10 with lid off. Final crumb temperature 98 deg C.

Crust crackled and cracked nicely on cooling for both baking methods although the uncovered breads were much darker. Should've turned down the temperature after 10 minutes.

Did get better oven spring this time. have not seen the crumb nor tasted it yet.
Day 2: Got to eat the bread now, glad of the longer fermentation and the tighter molding before proofing -- nice dense and chewy crumb.

Started the Injera fermentations - 100 g Teff flour to 90 ml water, mix well by hand.

1- secret sourdough starter
2-0.1 g Goldrush SanFrancisco sourdough starter
3-nothing to see if it ferments naturally.

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