Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Next day -- Barley batards

Similar recipe -- plus 2% extra dry gluten -- double bulk ferment; may have been too much as there wasn't much lift in the proofer. Still got some additional oven-spring today. Tried the "new" steam arrangement; ala Brother Juniper's, bought a garden sprayer an spritzed the doughs on entering the oven and at 2, 4, 6, and 16 minutes of baking.

These were smaller loaves, scaled at 700 g and baked 20 min @ 200 deg C and 10 min at 150 deg C. They look and smell great, can't wait for them to cool. The dough is weird to handle, not very gassy and somewhat plastic; resting seems to give no advantage in moulding. I have great trouble keeping the seam together, even if I wet it first before sealing it. Still, the oven spring filled most of the gaps :-)

OK -- cool enough to cut and eat -- scrumptious, crispy thin crust, great flavor, although there is a hint of bitterness with this much whole-grain barley -- very slight -- just the call with blackberry preserve. Nice crumb structure shows there was some oven lift.

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