Tuesday, March 4, 2008

La Cloche round 3



1200 g Montana High gluten + malt flour,

600 g atta flour from the hard-white cultivar Winsome

400 g 12.3% protein whote flour from the hard-white cultivar Palamino

flour temp 19 deg C

-- TOTAL 2000 g / 100%

-Water 43 deg C [hottest I could get] 1300 g 65% -- nice dough, still coulda been wetter !!!

-Saf instant yeast added directly to flour 20 g / 1%[part 1 of trying to slow down the fermentation even more]
-Salt 30 g / 15%


Mixed 10 minutes on speed 2 in 20 quart hobart. Kneaded and shaped on bench 1 minute.

Fermented 120 minutes @ 25 deg C – punched / folded @ 75 min. Did not run out of lift in the oven this time either.

The doughs 45 min after being punched

Divided into 4 largish dough pieces ~825 g each.
Moulded and folded gently into round.
Rested 15 min. under a damp towel at room temp [note 3x increased floor time]

Molded into a round and placed, seam up, in oiled and wheat-bran lined rattan proofing baskets.
Covered with damp towel and proofed 60 min @ 25 deg C and in a cabinet controlled to 85% RH.

Turned 2 dough pieces out onto sole of preheated [450 deg F; 228 deg C] La Cloche stoneware domed clay baker.

Two other dough pieces were left free in the oven; no clay dome, but with Julia's steam generator once again.

Preheated oven to 220 deg C then decreased temperature to 190 deg C as soon as doughs loaded. Baked La cloche 25 min lidded and 15 min unlidded. All loaves baked 40 min total.

Final crumb temperatures 98 deg C.

Crust was SOFT, obviously temperature was too low for crispy crust. This is especially noticeable in la cloche. BUT the crust was really nice. But it was like the bread the baker at Sunrise bakery in philomath makes with a very mice softness to the crust.

For crispy crusts - Next time try – 250 deg C preheat and turn oven doen to 200 deg C for baking.

Really nice bread with the added flavor of the fresh stone ground atta flour. Longer fermentation with even less yeast also helped. And so I think did the slower & cooler baking.

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