Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Barley Wheat bread mark 1

50% hull-less waxy barley stone-ground with only coarse bran sieved out plus 50% "Titan" high-gluten HRS baker's flour. 170 g rye sour and 0.25% SAF instant yeast. Rose nicely but slowly, did double in bulk fermentation and again in proofer. Not much oven lift but some. Very dense bread, very flavorful, with uniquely soft moist crumb from the waxy starch in the barley. Crust is a bit over baked even with early steam [205C for 45 min left center only ~ 65 deg C -- needed a further 30 min @ 150 deg C for the center to cook --just cause it was so dense and a fairly big loaf -- scaled at ~ 1250 g]
My rye sour after a week -- 6 feeds and the weekend in the fridge -- the top inch or so has no bubbles 'cause it has collapsed from the highest point it rose to overnight. It smells great.

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