Thursday, March 6, 2008

70 percent water



1300 g HWW "Gary" white flour

700 g FRESHLY MILLED atta flour from the hard-white cultivar Winsome

500 g HWW "Bauermeister" white flour

flour temp 19 deg C

-- TOTAL 2500 g / 100%

-Water 44 deg C

1750 g 70% -- wet sticky mess -- was handleable with dusting after fermentation and floor time

-Saf instant yeast added directly to flour 20 g / 0.7%
-Salt 30 g / ~12%


Mixed 10 minutes on speed 2 in 20 quart hobart. folded and rounded on bench

Fermented 60 minutes @ 30 deg C

Divided into ~750 g pieces

Proofed 60 minutes @ 25 deg C

Baked 30 minutes for baguettes free in oven, 40 for bread in la cloche with last 10 min without the bell.

Preheated oven to 220 deg C, turned down to 200 deg C when doughs loaded in oven.

Nice bread; good crumb, bit more open structure, nice crusts but not baked hot enough early to be crispy.

The stone mill in "action"

Dough half mixed

Dough nearly mixed

Ready for oven after 60 min proofing

Bread baked without a cover but with steam

Bread baked with the la cloche cover for the first 30 of 40 min baking

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SSS said...

very nice pics....feeling hungry now :-)