Monday, March 24, 2008

Last week's breads

Tuesday's bread -- half wholewheat
Fermenting nicely
Ready to punch -- a beautiful dough -- about 3500 g
proofed in a banneton with rice flour lining
nice chewy crumb, pretty even for hand molded
Wednesday's Bread
Woops - - forgot it a little too long -- used a "biga" from the day previous's pita bread dough
Not too bad, good crackling musical crust
Crumb had dark and light patches maybe a little too yeasty [the biga had a lot of yeast but it was retarded overnight]. But really nice and chewy and even OK 4 or 5 days later [toasted]

Naesten den aegte dansk surdejs rugbrød -- getting there -- a bit small, a scaling issue. This is a Faerøsk recipe and was really simple but still took 3 days to make. Have not got the oven down yet, the crust is still a bit too baked, but certainly baked right through [150 deg C for 1 hr then 175 deg C for 1.5 hrs and then leave bread in the cooling oven 2 hrs] I think i should have kept the lids on the pullman tins for the last section. Still tastes great and wonderful chocolaty aromas

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