Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Injera round 2

Finished the Injera fermentations – Thanks to Senayit Yetneberk for the recipe and flow diagram (Yetneberk et al 2004 Cereal Chemistry 81: 314-321)

took 40 g teff dough from Saturday and cooked with 100 ml of water, boiled until starch well cooked.

After cooking added 50 ml cold water to get temp of ~ 35 deg C for cooked paste.

Mixed cooked paste into remaining teff dough.

Fermented further 3 to 4 hours.

Cooked on very hot griddle 2 min covered.

The injera has a very strong taste from the teff, and I couldn’t really detect much difference between the “starters” for the fermentation. But sure did get bubbles. Might try half teff, maybe half whole-wheat or wheat-atta next time to moderate the very strong taste.

1- secret sourdough starter
2-0.1 g Goldrush SanFrancisco sourdough starter
3-nothing to see if it ferments naturally.


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