Friday, February 29, 2008

La Cloche bread version 1


(Montana High gluten plus premixed and unspecified amount of malt flour 20 deg C) 1000 g
Water 41 deg C [hottest I could get] 600 g -- boy can this [white] flour suck up the water, the dough felt good, certainly not too sticky to handle, could've even taken a bit more [62% ?] !!! --
Saf instant yeast added directly to flour 10 g
Salt 15 g


Mixed 8 minutes on speed 2 in 20 quart hobart, could've used 2 min more. Kneaded and shaped on bench 1 minute.

Fermented 90 minutes @ 29 deg C this was a bit fast [but could be useful for classroom demonstrations], could cut down yeast or drop temperature to 25 deg C It showed up in the flavor profile, nice bread but a bit lacking in yeasty flavors. The dough surely more than doubled and could be why it ran out of "steam" in the oven and did not have a lot of oven spring.

Divided into 2 largish dough pieces ~800 g each.
Folded in thirds and molded GENTLY into a round.
Rested 5 min.
Molded into a round and placed, seam up, in oiled and wheat-bran lined rattan proofing basket.
Covered with damp towel and proofed 45 min @ 85 deg F and in a cabinet controlled to 85% RH. Also would liked a longer proof time to make sure final flavor and crust development in oven were optimum. But they grew too big.

Turned dough pieces out onto sole of preheated [400 deg F; 200 deg C] La Cloche stoneware domed clay baker. Forgot to slash the tops. Bit freaked-out with handling the 200 deg C stoneware.

Baked @ 400 deg F; 200 deg C for a total of 40 min. 30 with lid on, 10 with lid off. Final crumb temperature 98 deg C. Crust crackled and cracked nicely on cooling. Great bread except maybe could use more flavor. Interesting crumb structure with effectively no real molding. Didn't get the oven spring i expected, but not slashing the tops didn't help.

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