Friday, February 1, 2008

Pacific Northwest Wheat Quality Council test-baking workshop

Test baking workshop at the Wheat Marketing Center Portland OR.

It was run by the USDA Agricultural Research Service Western Wheat Quality Lab people who are based in Pullman Washington.

Remember you can see larger versions of the pictures if you click on them.

Mixing in a small scale mixer
The dough ready is well mixed and ready to go, see how nice and smooth it looks
Rubbing hands with a little oil to help in taking the dough out
Into the moulder for the first time
Out of the moulder
Folding before fermenting

Finished products: the small unattractive loaf is not bad baking, it is the wrong type of flour, too weak, can't add enough water because it was made with soft wheat. It small, pale, and not glossy like its counterpart beside it and the little loaf will be stale in a matter of hours if it wasn't "stale" straight out of the oven.

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