Wednesday, April 2, 2008

straight-dough with waxy wholewheat [25%]

Baker's corner in the lab

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Straight dough method

75% "Titan" hi-gluten HRS
25% stone-ground either waxy HRW or normal HWS
72% water @ 40 deg C
1% instant yeast
2% salt
150 g sourdough

2 kg doughs [plus 1440 water] 8 mins in Hobart 20 quart mixer with dough hook.
45/45/45 bulk fermentation with folds at each step
45 min final proof in banettons
bake in steam 500 F down to 425 F during baking
[6 min of fan off and steam pan, rest with "pulsed air"]

Test bread, nowhere near as good as a poolish bread, nor even close to the best, the overnight pain a l'ancienne method, but still very nice.

A nice bold dough ready to go [25% waxy wheat]
same.. in the oven
waxy wheat blend bread finished
waxy wheat blend bread crumb structure

Crust starting to crack
Controls with 25% "normal starch" stone-ground Oregon HWS

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