Friday, April 25, 2008

Some baking over the last couple of weeks.

Class fermentations, see the no-salt dough has already overtaken the salted normal dough even though it was mixed after.
Class breads
Teff Injera fermenting [innoculated with spit [good source of amylase and Lactobacilli]]Dosa batter fermenting nicely [Rice and black gram beans]Bread made with 33% wholegrain spelt four 67% hi-gluten white, made as a overnight sponge 100% with brewer's yeast from the bottom of a keg. Ate bread and drank beer made with the same yeast. Interesting experience!

Really nice chewy crumb with big holes
My first Debra Wink/Peter Reinhart "pineapple juice solution" sourdough bubbling fiercly at the end of phase 1

The inevitable aftermath

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