Friday, August 8, 2008

Walnut & raisin sourdough and rye sourdough

Baking away merrily.

Walnut & raisin sourdough; learned the formula and technique at the San Francisco Baking Institute [SFBI].

Rye sourdough 50% dark rye [couldn't get medium], 50% hi-gluten bread flour with added malt.
Caraway seeds and a mixed levain of bread flour levain and my new rye levain.

Final proofing begins in the bake lab.
Out of the oven; they smell as good as they look. Based on Page 212 of Advanced Bread and Pastry by Michel Suas.

On the other side, my research assistant has been getting conventional pup loaf test-baking nailed down so we can provide data to our wheat breeding program this harvest season. These are not artisan-type breads; intensive mix PLUS a longish 2 hour bulk ferment, added sugar and shortening, and lots of mechanical punching and molding.

We have been talking about getting repeatable "hearth bread" test method going based on the technique from [a very nice resource] but with some tweaks inspired by my trip to SFBI to make it "good" bread [e.g. dump the sugar and fat], and some others to make it wholly repeatable.
Nonetheless; she is doing a great job with them, and the volume differences are indicative enough of the general baking potential of the flours that we can use the data to make selections in our wheat variety development work.

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