Monday, August 18, 2008

Barley Struggles

Trying out some product development with ConAgra waxy hull-less whole grain flour, a.k.a. the sponge...

Lots of great soluble fiber in this whole-grain flour, beta-glucans that is, same as in oats.

Had trouble with the baguettes, not enough lift. Doughs were tight. Need to be braver about adding extra water... Maybe some bracketing and being happy to throw out the failures. Personally I do not think the barley flavor mixes well with an acidic sourdough. I used a stiff, acetic levain to replace the strength I lost by diluting the bread flour with the Wx barley flour

Had trouble with the batards using the "Vermont sourdough with wholewheat" barely variant. Added 4% extra water but the dough dried out so much in the bulk fermentation that the seams wouldn't seal and some blew out in the oven.

The "80% barley sourdough", well went with the 4% extra water, so far off the mark that I threw it out. Could've maybe used 10 -15% more water !!!

Finally got brave enough with the water [extra 5% for a 10% admixture of waxy barley flour in the bread flour]. Used the Shepherd's Grain low gluten flour as the base with a pre-fermented dough [Page 296 in Advanced Bread and Pastry; Michel Suas]. This dough was nice and gassy, shaped well into strands, and lifted well in the oven.

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