Friday, February 13, 2009

High fiber - part wholewheat with barley flakes

Basic "accelerated" sourdough (liquid levain plus yeast)
72% water,
Harvest King flour 80%,
stone ground wholewheat 20% (milled immediately before make-up),
10% sustagrain high betaglucan barley flakes soaked in 120% water for an hour.

Improved mix (3 min slow 4 min fast) Hobart 20 qt mixer. Bulk 120 minutes with 2 folds. shaped into big batards (750 g), tried a new (for me) shaping method from Ciril Hitz, more like the pre-shaping technique for the cylinder for baguettes,
90 min final (it was warmer and the dough was fast),
Bake 22 min 232 C (450 F).

Very nice, crumb was moderately open but very moist and tender.

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Kathie said...

I saw somewhere that you were doing something with teff grain. Can you tell me what that was?