Thursday, May 29, 2008

Field day fun

Production line baking in the lab...
Hand shaping 16 2lb [1 kg] sandwich loaves per batch
Using the wrong [left] and the right [right and above] flour for the job... To make a point about the inadequacies of low protein flour [left] for breadmaking.
Barley herb bread [a quick bread] 50% of the flour is a waxy wholegrain hull-less barley flour with lots of soluble beta-glucan fiber
Barley blueberry muffins... 2/3 of the flour is the same waxy wholegrain barley.
Out to the field day with the "good-dough, bad-dough" show. Wheat products in a wheat field... makin' dough while the... well at least it was not raining.

Use your loaf !
Engaging the audience
Feeding them always helps.Same deal 400 meters away for the barley products; barley foods in a barley field

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